Battle of the Network Stars


I used to love this show.

I wonder if it would work today…


9 Responses to “Battle of the Network Stars”

  1. I did too. Do you remember “Circus Of The Stars”, where they did really lame, cheesy stunts and everyone ooooh’d and aaah’d (even though any 12-year old could have done that stuff). Now, “Circus Of The Stars” in a “Scarred” format (like Tom Cruise’s arm bending the wrong way, or Michael Richards breaking his collar bone on a bicycle stunt), that would be cool. I’d watch that. I’d laugh my ass off.

  2. 2 Tanya Espanya

    Ohmygod, what year is this from? Look at that Epstein’s hair! And is that John Mayer next to Howard Cosell?

  3. I loved when they had that special on. I was seriously just thinking about it the other day. I don’t know how they would bring it back. Celebs seem too full of themselves nowadays. Might break a nail or lose an extension 🙂

  4. 4 Jen

    I used to love it too..!

  5. 5 Amy

    Dick- I loved Circus of the Stars, too. But, now that I think about it, it was pretty lame.

    Tanya- I don’t know what year it’s from, but John Mayer was probably an embryo.

    Jolene- or pop a boob.

    Jen- I knew you would!

  6. Lynda Carter had a nice rack.

    But seriously, I loved that show too. Hysterical.

  7. 7 superwoman

    They DO have that show now, it’s called “Dancing with the Stars” or “Celebrity Fit Club”. Just sayin.

  8. Man, I watched that religiously. A friend of mine and I would try to make up lame-ass home versions of the games. Like throwing a ball up and down the steps in a certain amount of time. Woooo!

    Even though I was only 4, I remember Mr. Kotter beating James West in a foot race…it was a huge upset. And I was a big Kotter fan, even though I kind of had a girly crush on James West. But my crush on Barbarino was massive and all consuming.

  9. 9 amy

    Valerie- she totally does

    superwoman- Dancing with the stars… I can see that. But Celebrity Fit Club is a horrible show and shouldn’t even be compared to Battle of the Network Stars.

    Beckeye- I remember doing home versions too… usually at the playground. And I totally thought Barbarino was dreamy. I think there is a recording of me singing about him somewhere… or I may have destroyed it.

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