Can anyone tell me?



How does Satan talk to us now? I mean, it used to be that if you played certain records backwards that Satan told all us crazy teenagers to do really evil stuff, ya know? But in this digital age, has Satan been silenced?

That reminds me… does anyone else remember that some of the heavy metal band names meant Satanic things?

For example…

KISS= Knights In Satans Service

ACDC= After Christ Devil Comes

Oh, thats all I can think of right now. Partly because I was a lame, mainstream metal head.


4 Responses to “Can anyone tell me?”

  1. I only tried that backwards album thing once. It was a prince album, and there really was a message in there (I think the song was Darling Nicki), but I can’t remember what it was. Shut up, it wasn’t my prince album, a friend of mine worked at a radio station and we played it backwards there.

  2. 2 Amy


  3. That backwards stuff was indecipher-nonsensical. It was whatever you wanted it to be and I think either Falwell or Flat Roberts even did a fake “demon”-stration.

    “ACDC= After Christ Devil Comes”

    Wow, I never heard that one, how did I miss it? You can play records backwards all day, but I imagine that Satan would go for the more overt stuff.

    Cats, however? Bogey whispers every night in your ears, “Amy, give me shrimp…Amy, give me shrimp.”

  4. 4 amy

    wow! That totally explains my own craving for shrimp lately…

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