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So, I just got done telling you about my weekend, but I’ve been keeping a little secret from you all…. I’m a STAR! Ok, not really… but I am going to be in a movie! It’s just a local thing, meant to teach volunteers how to use expensive cameras, sound equipment and lights… and just […]

So, you know when you’re watching TV or a movie, and there’s some awesome night club with a line around the block, and the bouncers are only letting certain beautiful people in, or people on a list???? I WAS ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE THIS WEEKEND (I was on a list…). It was my friends bachelorette […]

The AWESOME laser beam backgrounds for school portraits?



Here’s a little hint… Get a limo. Or “limousine”. According to Wikipedia, “a limousine is an unusually long luxury car, traditionally black or white in color (other colors, however, have also been used for limousines, like pink, magenta, or blue). Limousines are most commonly driven by chauffeurs and are often associated with the wealthy.” See, […]

I know I promised some Bogey pics before. I’m working on it, I swear, so CHILL. I think you guys are going to start throwing tomatoes at me or something. In the mean time, please feel free to visit my flickr for old Bogey pics (like the one above). Have a fabulous Friday and weekend!!

Is this a kissing book? Princess Bride: 20 years later

And what else did I learn about Scott Baio on this new show?? – According to Erin Moran, he has a small “pee pee” (his words). – He doesn’t like to be addressed as Chachi. – There’s no telling how many women he’s been with. – He has serious commitment issues (duh), which may stem […]

Scott Baio…


Dick Small was kind enough to point out a little secret I told him. I’m so glad I trusted him. If you have any deep, dark secrets and you just have to tell someone… tell Dick. Just so you all know, I have my DVR all set up to record the VH1 show “Scott Baio […]

Marni’s daughter had a slumber party, and it made me think of some of the ones I’ve had, or have been to. Let me share… The first slumber party I remember going to was in 4th grade. It was my friends party. We had homemade pizza and caramel corn, and drove her parents crazy, but […]