One of the most entertaining things I’ve ever watched..


.. has got to be the “Knife Show”.

It’s not on all the time. It’s like a Home Shopping Network type of thing, but it’s strictly knives.

Sometimes it’s collector type knives… all funky looking and decorative. Not something that would actually be used, unless you were a really sick person who was into torture or something.

Other times it’s all kinds of useful knives for hunters or fisherman, or gang members, I guess. I mean, I’m sure there are certain knives that work better for hunting, and certain knives that work better for fishing, but probably most knives work good for stabbing.

The most entertaining thing about watching this channel are the dudes trying to sell these knives. They are sooooo excited about these knives. They talk like these things are going to sell out before you can say “switchblade”. Also, I would be afraid to be on the set of this show, because they fumble all the damn time, and knives are falling and crap… I’m sure a finger or two have been severed.

Anyway, if you get the chance, and you’ve been drinking or are high or something, I would highly recommend checking out The Knife Show.


2 Responses to “One of the most entertaining things I’ve ever watched..”

  1. They’ve blocked this on our cable system for some reason, the cable company did, that is.

    All home shopping network “personalities” have to get excited, that’s the number one criteria for the job.

    “This dental floss is just amazing and we have only 50,000 spools left, so they are going fast! Not only can you floss your teeth with it, you can use it to tie-down unruly housepets and unwanted guests. Plus, in the event that your alternator fails, you can replace it with fifty spools of this dental floss!”

  2. I think I have seen this, or something very much like it. They did Beanie Babies for an hour, then knives, then collectibles. Maybe I was dreaming, or maybe my frozen bra was affecting my brain.

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