Attention all Hollywood Starlets….



Here’s a little hint…

Get a limo. Or “limousine”.

According to Wikipedia, “a limousine is an unusually long luxury car, traditionally black or white in color (other colors, however, have also been used for limousines, like pink, magenta, or blue). Limousines are most commonly driven by chauffeurs and are often associated with the wealthy.”

See, if you had this luxury car, with a chauffeur, you wouldn’t have to drive yourself. Drinking and driving is bad. Having a limo with a chauffeur would eliminate the problem of drinking and driving. You could drink yourself silly (like normal), but have someone drive for you.

I know this is a really hard concept for you to grasp, but just give it a shot.

Or… and this is just a suggestion… DON’T DRINK. Especially you, Lindsay Lohan. Get a grip. If you keep going down this path, you’re gonna end up looking like this in a few years…




3 Responses to “Attention all Hollywood Starlets….”

  1. 1 DaleSpin

    That’s one of the best-looking photos of Lohan I’ve ever seen …

  2. 2 Chris

    Yeah, I’ve never understood why they don’t get a limo or at least hire a fucking driver. Plus, there’s always the bus…

  3. 3 dirty

    I want to know where her freckles went.

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