Whatever happened to…



The AWESOME laser beam backgrounds for school portraits?


9 Responses to “Whatever happened to…”

  1. I thik they went out with Neon Shirts and scrunchies.

  2. Thank Heavens!

    (Although… I do have a huge supply of scrunchies under my bathroom sink, just in case they ever make a comeback!)

  3. 3 Amy

    I don’t think scrunchies ever went out of style. Or, I’m just lame.

  4. 4 Chris

    Call me crazy, but that looks like Zack Morris with a ‘fro.

  5. They went the way of that mullet in the pic.

  6. 6 coffeypot

    I not so sure about the laser beam background, but I am glad the hair style is gone. The sweater, too.

  7. That looks like Richard Simmons. Am I right?

  8. He does look kinda like Richard Simmons. My first thought was he looked like the sidekick on Charles in Charge. But maybe that was just all the recent talk of Scott Baio around here.

  9. My high school portrait still has mine.

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