I was a V.I.P…



So, you know when you’re watching TV or a movie, and there’s some awesome night club with a line around the block, and the bouncers are only letting certain beautiful people in, or people on a list???? I WAS ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE THIS WEEKEND (I was on a list…).

It was my friends bachelorette party, and a bunch of us girls went to a club in San Francisco called Club NV. If it weren’t for this party I never would have gone there. I had fun, but it’s just not really my scene. Anyway, I guess some of the girls have been going there for years, so knew all the right people and “hooked us up”. We went to the head of the line, got in free, were escorted to a VIP room and everything.

Lots of dancing and fun, and of course afterwards we had to go to the number one after-hours spot… Denny’s.

That was Friday night…

Saturday I went to a Boy Scout Court of Honor, where they present the boys with awards and merit badges from the last 6 months. They did it at a nearby camping spot, and really did a very good job with the food and entertainment (skits). At the end of the evening they retired (burned) an American flag. I’ve seen this done before at other Scout functions, and I always get a little emotional… is that weird?

Anyway, that was my weekend… how was yours??


One Response to “I was a V.I.P…”

  1. 1 coffeypot

    Given the choices, I would rather be at the Scout Court of Honor any day. Those kids are real and full of hope and promise. The other are just full of booze.

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