Stuff Amy’s been up to all summer…


So, I just got done telling you about my weekend, but I’ve been keeping a little secret from you all….

I’m a STAR!

Ok, not really… but I am going to be in a movie! It’s just a local thing, meant to teach volunteers how to use expensive cameras, sound equipment and lights… and just what happens on a movie set… and of course to have fun! I’m sure once we get to the editing stage there will be a WHOLE lot more to learn, too. My whole family is involved in one way or another. Alex and I got speaking parts, and Alex and the boys are helping out behind the scenes. We are having a BLAST, and working with some very talented people, but it is really a lot of work and taking up most of our free time right now.

I am learning so much, and paying attention to things in movies I never did before… like camera angles and and wondering how many takes some scenes must take.

Other than the movie I’ve been busy working, being a taxi for my kids, and going to friends’ birthday dinners and such. I was soooo glad to not have anything planned on Sunday.

Over the next couple of weeks things should slow down… at least until the kids go back to school. Then I’ll be overtime taxi!


4 Responses to “Stuff Amy’s been up to all summer…”

  1. The movie sounds a great deal of fun, and obvious hard work.
    Maybe you will get the chance to be a Goonie for real someday !

  2. I hope this experience doesn’t kill the luster of movies for you. I also hope that when you move on to Hollywood, that you can still find time to come back here and talk to us “common people” that you used to know ; )

  3. 3 mixednut

    Can I have your autograph? Pleeeeeease????

  4. 4 Amy

    Sans- that would be so awesome

    WP- I doubt I’ll remember the common people.

    MixedNut- I autograph your belly

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