The wedding..


My good friend Selena got married this weekend. The wedding was held at a winery, with a beautiful garden and of course the vineyard in the background. The only way it could have been more perfect is if it wasn’t so hot outside, but somehow we all managed not to melt and really had a good time.

Alex and I used his trusty GPS to get to the winery. We had a lovely ride through Napa Valley on the way. Unfortunately, most of the other guests took a different route and traffic was very bad… they postponed the wedding for an hour to wait for everyone.

There was a swimming pool there, and bets were going around as to who was going to be the first one thrown in (or falling in, since there were plenty of tipsy people). But, by the time that Alex and I left no one had been in it except a couple of the kids.

Yesterday was more filming on the movie. Next weekend we get a little break…. which I am sooo glad about! I’m already planning my total bumminess. Maybe I’ll watch some movies, eat some junk food, lay around on the couch with Bogey… ahhhh. And hopefully spend a little time with Alex since he won’t be able to be as bummy. The kids will be camping.

** I have to sincerely apologize for my lack of good posts lately. My brain is just not functioning correctly lately.

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