Another totally awesome show…


How it’s Made on the Discovery Channel. (actually, I think it’s on the Science Channel, but they show reruns on Discovery and I don’t get Science, so…. didn’t you really need to know that??)

Do you remember watching the little segments on Sesame Street where they made crayons, or other things on an assembly line (I seem to remember something with steel, also… really hot metal)? I could sit there in front of the tv drooling and watching those segments all day!!

oooh! Here is the crayon one!

Anyway… How it’s Made is like that, with a totally mesmerizing narrator and the coolest music you’ve ever heard. I could sit and watch hockey sticks being made, or wood being lathed, or vinyl being flattened, or…. almost anything, and be completely happy for the rest of my life.

If you go here there is a video gallery for your viewing pleasure. My favorite is the bread.

So, I just thought you guys should know I love this show. You should love it, too.


7 Responses to “Another totally awesome show…”

  1. I LOVE stuff like this! Thanks for the tip!

  2. 2 coffeypot

    I heard the music but no narrator. Is that hot wax or what in the beginning? Is there a film strip on how condoms are made? The package says they are pre-tested. Wonder if I would like that job?

  3. My boy roommates totally got me (secretly) hooked on that show after they turned it on while I was cleaning in the connected kitchen.

    It was about how hockey pads are made & all 3 of my boys play hockey so they were absolutely mesmerized… Just like I also remember being when that segment came on SS!

    It’s amazing the things that come out of your fingers & prickle memories in my brain that I didn’t even realize were there!

  4. Great show, I watch it every now again. Another good one is Made In America. Can’t remember what channel that’s on, Travel maybe.

  5. Amy, I played the tag on my blog.

    I like this show as well. You learn some cool stuff.

  6. 6 Amy

    Chris- I even saw one about frozen pizza

    Coffeypot- the segment here is one from Sesame Street… they didn’t have a narrator… and probably it wasn’t about condoms ;P

    SP- I know, that is what I love about blogging!

    Nobody- I’ll have to check it out!

    teri- on my way to see your tag 🙂

  7. Thanks Amy, it’s a most entertaining site!

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