More Bad things I did as a child…


When I was in 1st grade I was sitting at one of those long tables eating my lunch. I was sitting across from a teacher… Miss Durham. I was swinging my feet and kicking her. I wasn’t kicking her on purpose, I just liked swinging my feet.

“I wish you would stop that.” she said.

I decided to keep swinging my feet, because she only said she wished I would stop, and I was a snotty little thing.

“PLEASE STOP.” she insisted.

I stopped.

5 Responses to “More Bad things I did as a child…”

  1. Wow, you really were snotty. I don’t think I ever did anything like that when I was a kid. I was a perfect angel at all times.

  2. You & I would have been total BFF’s then. Or hated rivals… Either way, we woulda had fun.

  3. 3 coffeypot


  4. You’re funny. I can’t even remember 7th grade let alone first grade. Dementia dontcha know.

  5. See? You weren’t that bad. The first time was a misunderstanding and you stopped after the second time. Now, if you said “wench, you’d better get some shin-guards,” that’d be different.

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