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I’m a bad blogger. Maybe one day I’ll be good again, posting everyday… giving you pictures of Bogey to fawn over… making you laugh, cry, hurl… whatever. But, today isn’t really that day. I do have a couple of random things to tell you about, though. 1. I did an AWESOME job of parallel parking […]

Don’t you want me baby? No, I don’t. Because when this song was popular in 1982 I was in 5th grade, and I thought that the guy singer in Human League looked a little too much like the girl singer, and I had serious issues with that. So, no, I don’t want you baby. But, […]

A q-tip that can dig really deep and clean out my brain. I just watched the Britney performance on the VMA’s. Is there a remedy? Or am I just scarred for life? I guess there are just some things that can’t be unseen.

As you may know, my son plays Freshman Football. His 1st game was on Thursday, and his team won! He is having a blast, and it was a pretty exciting game. Tonight we went to the JV and Varsity games. The JV game was fine. I sat by myself the whole night while Mike hung […]

August, 2006… Amy and her family are thrilled to move out of a tiny, cramped apartment and into a house! Midmonth of August, 2007… Amy and her family are devestated to learn that they will have to move out of their house within 30 days. Midmonth-late August, 2007… Amy works her butt off trying to […]