A timeline… by Amy


August, 2006… Amy and her family are thrilled to move out of a tiny, cramped apartment and into a house!

Midmonth of August, 2007… Amy and her family are devestated to learn that they will have to move out of their house within 30 days.

Midmonth-late August, 2007… Amy works her butt off trying to find a nice house for her family.

August 27, 2007… thanks in part to the good wishes of the blogging community, Amy’s family is approved for a great house!!! Thanks guys!!!

August 28, 2007… Amy’s family’s Landlord informs them that they do not have to move after all.

Amy wants desperately to get off this roller coaster… any time now would be great.

The past few weeks have been hell. HELL. Stress, stress and more stress. Oh, and stress. And did I mention stress?

Today we signed another lease with our landlord. We didn’t want to leave in the first place, and as long as we have a lease (our previous one had gone to month to month) we feel comfortable. We really couldn’t afford to move right now, anyway.

Thanks for the crossed fingers, eyes, and whatever else.

Bogey thanks you, too!



10 Responses to “A timeline… by Amy”

  1. WOOHOO!

    You can thank me later for “talking” to your landlord.

  2. Bogey looks disgusted with the whole situation!

  3. Congrats, Amy! You know, you can always buy my place. $99,500. 5 acres. It’s a steal..

  4. I’m sorry for all the STRESS Amy. Hopefully something positive may come out of this experience. Congratulations on the extended lease. Bogey looks a little stressed too!

  5. I’m glad it all worked out. What a pain in the ass that you had to sweat it, though.

  6. The new template is Amyzing!

  7. Cool new look. And congrats on the new place.

  8. Poor Bogey, subjected to the ups and downs of this “move-not move” situation, is about to bolt. Keep the doors locked! 🙂

    Sorry you’ve been going through all of this, Amy. At least you get to stay in a familiar place for a year.

    The site redesign is beautiful!

  9. I’ve only known of one landlord that wasn’t a bastard.

    I’m glad it all worked out and I like the new design. Yet, your landlord owes you and the family a lobster dinner, and Bogey all the shrimp he can eat.

  10. 10 biddiegirl

    What a nightmare! I’m glad that it all worked out. Moving is a big enough hassle when you WANT to move…and 30 days? Geez, thanks for the notice, buddy…
    The kitty looks happy with the arrangement!

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