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The Snuggle bear freaks me the hell out. Advertisements

No shit. Click here for the story. I hope it fills your heart with joy and love, and that all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Or fun couple of days if you don’t live in the United States and celebrate Thanksgiving.



I went outside early this morning to trim the rose bushes (you all know how much I love that). I opened the door and it looked all misty outside… it was really cool! As I was walking to get our greens recycling bin from the backyard, I noticed a really cool spiderweb in the orange […]

Remember earlier this summer when I told you guys I was making a movie? Well, the editing is almost done, and the director has made a trailer… Click below… Green Room Trailer I’m the blonde chick who says “You wanna do WHAT?” enjoy!

What do you do when even the Puffs Plus with the lotion makes your nose feel all raw and sore and scratchy? What then?

The eye doctor


I’d never seen this doctor before. He was weird, and makes me glad I’m moving and will be able to get another eye doctor. He was an older guy with OLD equipment. Even though I mentioned the black spot, he didn’t say anything about it. He talked very fast, and was proud of me for […]

I finally got some pictures off of my phone and thought I would share them with you. I know, you must be jumping for joy right now, right?? This is Shane and a huge tumbleweed we found while shooting the movie a few months ago… This is a book that caught my eye in the […]

It’s right there. This black dot that moves when my eyes move. It’s annoying as hell. Tomorrow I’m going to the eye doctor, perhaps he can shed some light on this issue. Also, he can hook me up with some better contact lenses and some smokin’ hot glasses (I hope). I’ve noticed the black dot […]

The Break Up


So, my big changes??? After 7 years my boyfriend and I are calling it quits. Please, no sympathy or pity, unless it comes in the form of money or chocolate. The next few weeks will consist of finding a second job to save up some money for a move to… Wisconsin. Gee, won’t that just […]

I’ll get around to telling you what’s going on soon. And maybe I won’t be scarce, just don’t be worried if I am. In the mean time, I really feel like I must tell you that I am really not digging Drew Carey as the new Price is Right host. Just thought you should know.