The Movie I’m in…


Remember earlier this summer when I told you guys I was making a movie? Well, the editing is almost done, and the director has made a trailer…

Click below…

Green Room Trailer

I’m the blonde chick who says “You wanna do WHAT?”


9 Responses to “The Movie I’m in…”

  1. I’ve never been in a movie, but one time I was on the TV news.

  2. 2 mixednut

    Can I get your autograph now?

  3. way cool!

  4. 4 coffeypot

    And you didn’t flub your lines.

    Aren’t you friends with Plimco? Is she in the film, too?

  5. 5 superwoman

    Wow, you’re an amazing actress!

  6. I think you should be up for an Emmy!

  7. I’d watch this movie!

    just sayin’

  8. COOL!!!!! I am excited for you, and me too cuz when you are big star I can name drop LOL

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