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It’s fucking cold. That is all. Advertisements

Want some?


This is an actual advertisement I saw for these Oreo Granola bar things. Notice the marijuana leaf at the bottom. Sure, maybe it’s 100 calories, but you’ll end up munching on the whole box, right?

I was reading this lovely post over at Flannery’s, and it reminded me of something. One glorious day when my kids were younger (4 and 5 maybe?) I was sleeping in. They were being little angels and letting me sleep soundly. Of course, any mother knows that when things are quiet that something must be […]



I love Twix. It’s soooo delicious. It’s all caramely and chocolaty and crunchy and chewy. When I was little I remember my grandma always had a box of them available in a bottom cupboard. She didn’t put them up high so I couldn’t reach them. She loved me. But, I don’t remember ever sneaking to […]

Me me


I have nothing else to post about. I bet after I do this, though, that will change. I stole this from Mel. Tomorrow: Is Tuesday. Tuesday’s I look forward to the work sucks haiku over at Casual Slack. I’m too lazy to link to it right now. Feeling: Like I need to pee, but I […]

Um… ew?


Mo’s Bacon Bar. It’s real. No… you can actually order it. It looks all gourmet or something, too. Click here Bacon. and chocolate. Kinda like Reeses. But that’s Peanut Butter and Chocolate…. and not completely disgusting. Maybe somebody thought the idea of Reeses was nasty, too. They were wrong, though. Maybe I’m wrong about this. […]

For Nobody…


You’ve been a big supporter of me during this move and job search. You’ve asked me lots of questions about Madison, and I’ve totally ignored you. I’m so nice like that. Anyway… the streets in downtown Madison ARE still all one-way, and it’s delightful (I hope you can sense my sarcasm there). I actually have […]

This just in…


Amy is EMPLOYED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got the position that I wanted! I don’t start training for a few weeks yet, but a HUGE weight has been lifted : ) Again, thanks for your encouragement and support (except Grant Miller). You guys really made me smile and feel much better about all of this (except Grant Miller). […]

I am bad-ass


I’m blogging from work!! Hahahaahaa!! Somehow I actually made it here alive this morning. You guys rock, with your good wishes and encouragement! Thanks so much! Have a great Tuesday!!

Well… the Packers obviously lost. Oh well. I guess I now have to go for the Patriots by default, since my best friend lives in Boston… Today I started the temp job. It was a slippery, snowy morning and I had to find my way around downtown Madison near the Capitol. Luckily we are observing […]