Just thought you should know…



Yahoo! Hotjobs.com is not hott.

Careerbuilder should change their name to “confidence tear-downer”.

And Monster… well…. I hate you.


8 Responses to “Just thought you should know…”

  1. Bummer, Hope you find work soon!

  2. 2 coffeypot

    It’s know what you know, but who you blow. Start networking. Having an inside contact always helps, too. Tell anyone and everyone that you are looking for a job and don’t be shy. Also, go to the unemployment office for references. Take any job to start with. It is easier to get a job when you are employed than when unemployed. Good luck.

    You could also put your resume in the want ads in the paper. Your qualifications may be just what someone eating breakfast at a restaurant might be looking for. Or… bank robbery might work.

  3. Cofeepot is right. I had to blow several guys to get my job. Actually, I did know someone there, and that’s how I got in. Same with the job I had before that. Being new to the area will make it hard to find an “in”, so keep looking. When I first moved to Milwaukee years ago I went through the yellow pages looking for companies that sounded interesting and sent out resumes. I got calls from a couple of them. Also check out recruiters and temp agencies. Mrs Nobody did the temp thing several times. Twice it led to permanent employment, once was with a really great company. I had to ruin that for her by taking a job in another area.

    Good luck!

  4. Bank robbery and prostitution have certainly crossed my mind. But, it’s really cold on these winter Wisconsin streets at night.

    I’ve been to a couple different temp agencies, and they seem to be my best bet.

    It’s so different than it used to be. Years ago all you had to do was fill out an application and go to an interview. Now there are clerical tests and background checks and weeks of waiting before they even call you in for an interview! Stupid homeland security… *grumble* I’ve filled out so many applications that I actually think I might vomit on the next one I need to fill out.

  5. awww I hope things pick up soon!

  6. 6 Tanya Espanya

    I thought I wrote to you about your move but I must have just thought I did.

    I’ve always found my permanent jobs through the temp agencies. I loved doing temp work!

    And it’s true what Coffeypot says, tell EVERYONE you meet that you’re looking for work. You never know who’s blowing whom and how they can help you.

  7. I’m confused? After reading all three lines on that blog entry I’m convinced you’re talking about my ex-wife.

  8. Keep positive Amy! You are a talented and intelligent Lady.

    Monster will only find you a job if you glow green in the dark.

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