Knock on wood.

And various other luck things, like throwing salt over your shoulder, avoiding black cats and walking under ladders… whatever.

I am going to take a “City Clerical exam” on Monday night, for a position with the city.

I’ve been informed I am one of 87 applicants. Fabulous.

My only hope is that the majority of these 86 other applicants don’t show up. Considering I applied for this position about 6 weeks ago, I can only assume that many of the other applicants have probably been more successful finding employment than me.

And, some of them probably have prior commitments and can’t make it because this is the ONLY date for the exam, and the only time.

So, with any luck I will be the only person that shows up for this exam.

I also need luck on my side because I am also supposed to bring several sharpened No. 2 pencils, and no calculators…. so I’m guessing I’ll have to do math. Yikes.

And, to throw in more luck needed…. I’m re-reading this letter again, and it looks like I need a photo ID for admittance to the exam. I just surrendered my Cali. drivers licence the other day to get my Wisconsin one, and they are sending it to me. Maybe they’ll accept my debit card that has my picture on it. Ugh.

So, anyway… if you have any luck to spare, could you send it my way?? You know… for ANY job, not just this particular one.



13 Responses to “”

  1. I’m gathering up all the spare luck I can spare and sending it your way!

  2. How about we throw black cats over our shoulders and walk ladder under salt and…nevermind.

    “My only hope is that the majority of these 86 other applicants don’t show up.”

    Youse want an accident or somethin’ to happen to them? Maybe somethin’ can be arranged.

  3. Could you arrange that, WP? I’ve heard you have connections. It would be great if they, um, suddenly came down with a broken knee.

  4. 4 Keeli Bailey Kotzian


  5. You don’t need luck Aim! You’re a bright cookie & most people after city jobs, well – aren’t. You’ll kick ass & move right along! Here’s my good luck wish anyway, just so I’m not holding out on you! & luck from a Princess is priceless!

  6. I’m rubbing my rabbit’s foot.

  7. Now that you’re in Wisconsin, just remember, if you don’t know the answer to a question, just put “cheese”. You’ll get partial credit.

  8. Cheese…. got it.

    Really mixednut… your rabbit’s foot? Is that what you call it?

  9. 9 coffeypot

    Knock’em dead! Uh! Not literally. Just saying…

  10. Wishing you luck!

  11. I send you 10 of the following:

    1. lucky rabbits feet
    2. horse shoes
    3. salt
    4. wood tables to knock on
    5. 4 leaf clovers

    good luck.

  12. I am wishing so hard for you to have good luck I gave myself a headache. Thanks a lot!~


  13. Update please? How did it feel?!

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