Interview updates…


So, last night I went in for the interview with the dentist.

He was very nice and asked me lots of questions. We discussed salary, and he said there would be no problem meeting and even exceeding my expectations, so that is good. It sounds like this position would come with a lot of responsibility. I’m not used to that, so it’s kind of scary and I’m not sure I would like it. Part of me feels like just calling him and letting him know that, or turning the position down if it is offered to me… but a bigger part of me feels like I just need to put on my big girl pants and get some damn confidence!! Nothing is standing in my way of accepting any great position that comes my way, so I just need to stop being so whimpy because I can do anything.

Anyway… this morning I had the interview at the big insurance company. I started out talking to a recruiter in HR. After asking me a few questions and having me read a job description of the position she was offering me (we’ll call it Job 1), she pulled out another job description and asked if I would also be interested in it (Job 2).

Job 2 pays a little more than Job 1 (which is never a bad thing). I told her I would be interested in either. Neither one starts until February sometime. Job 2 seems like it has some more responsibility to it (hence the higher pay)… but again with the big girl pants…

They are hiring 20 people for Job 1 and 17 people for Job 2. I’m pretty sure I’ll get one of them.

After the HR woman, I interviewed with the Supervisor for Job 1. She was a nice older lady, and I think I made a good impression with her.

I will interview with the Supervisor for Job 2 tomorrow. I expect it to be much the same.

Not sure when I will know the outcome of any of these interviews. I would take any of the positions.

Then, after I got home from my interview today I got a phone call from one of the temp. agencies, and they are going to send my resume to a company that needs some temporary help for about 2 weeks. That would be perfect to fill in before I accept any of the other positions (if they are offered).

So… I think all of your good luck wishes are working!! Thanks guys!! You all ROCK!!!!!!!!!!


7 Responses to “Interview updates…”

  1. 1 coffeypot

    Way to go. Never be afraid to take on any job that sounds too hard or complicated, because after a week or so, it becomes part of your life and may even become boaring. Look at the people around you, or who had the job before you. Are they smarter than you? I doubt it.

  2. You rock Amy!!

  3. Woo hooo! It’s all going to work out… don’t fret.

    Fret — yeah, I said it.

  4. Go Amy! Go Amy!

  5. Amy dahling… Take on as much as you can. Just the offer will be a fantastic ego boost!

    & here’s a secret! The key to kicking butt when you have a ton of responsibility… Make lists of everything you have to do & DO each item before you have to! It’s simple as long as you don’t allow yourself to procrastinate.

    You’ll be great! I just know it, so here’s a big woo-hoo for you!

  6. Well done Amy! Seize the Day.

  7. in one of my last jobs I felt like that. when they offered me the position I really didn’t know if I could handle it because there was more responsibility. I loved it after I started and I could handle the work.

    You’ll do great!

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