I love Twix. It’s soooo delicious. It’s all caramely and chocolaty and crunchy and chewy.

When I was little I remember my grandma always had a box of them available in a bottom cupboard. She didn’t put them up high so I couldn’t reach them. She loved me. But, I don’t remember ever sneaking to get them. If I wanted one I would ask. I don’t remember if I always got one when I wanted, though. Probably… grandma spoiled me pretty rotten.

I used to like to kind of peel the chocolate/caramel top layer off with my teeth. Then you could see the crunchy cookie part. It had holes in it. I’m not sure why.

Anyway, I’m bored at work and needed to write about something. I know your day is so much more complete now. Or it will be when you have a Twix.

2 Responses to “Twix”

  1. I would LOVE a twix right now but my blood sugar would go crazy. *sigh*

  2. Yeah, I’m a big ol’ Twix fan and I used to do the same thing with the caramel layer.

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