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These suck…


Or, perhaps, blow. But, in fact, they don’t blow, which is one of the reasons they suck. I’m a Blow Pop lover myself. The cherry ones especially were a staple of my breakfast every morning in high school. Only 10 cents at the PDQ on the way to school. So, imagine the sheer glee I […]

Jen asked me recently about getting a Wisconsin version of Bogey. I already started working on that. When my mom was looking for an apartment for me, she asked if it would be a deal breaker if pets weren’t allowed. I stressed that I really wanted to have a cat again, but ultimately I just […]

Last night was a great evening for my kids and I. Mike (who will be 15 next weekend… holy shit!) had an assignment to interview someone about the JFK assasination. So, I asked my mom if she wouldn’t mind, and of course she didn’t. I took the boys over to her house, and Mike proceeded […]

I’ll break this up into a few sections for you. This first part is my actual morning commute (which, today is the last day of to this office)… This is Lake Monona. Downtown Madison sits between 2 lakes, the other is Mendota. Here are some brave souls ice fishing. These are some penguin things that […]

So, how does a single Wisconsin girl celebrate Valentine’s day (or, night)? With CHEESE, of course! I saw a yummy baked Brie recipe on the news the other morning (oh my God, I’m making morning news recipes… is there any hope for me?), and I just had to try it. I’ll share it with you, […]

Please imagine “caller”s voice with a Flavr Flav quality to it. Or Flavor Flav…. whatever. Me: Thank you for calling Blank and Blank (not the actual names of the lawyers, but you get the idea). Caller: Yes, um, hello ma’am, um, ya know what I’m sayin’? Um, I received a letter, you know what I’m […]

This was last years Valentine. This year I’m heartbroken without Bogey, but I’m sure he still thinks you are the cat’s meow. I also thought I would share this “Single Girl” Valentine that the talented and hilarious Wendy McClure made a few years ago. I hope she doesn’t mind me posting it, and I’ll certainly […]

I suck…


So, I said I would take some pictures for you. I brought my camera today. It’s beautiful! The sun is shining and everything! I took a walk around the Capitol at lunchtime. It was still pretty cold (15 degrees-ish), but I really needed to be outside and get some sunshine. It was a nice walk. […]

It’s been snowing all day. Most people here in Madison are pretty sick of the snow. I still kinda like it. Today is the fluffy, light snow. It just kinda floats around. It’s the neato kind that when it lands on your coat or glove you can see the individual flake and appreciate it’s unique […]

My last week…


So, this will be my last week at this great office here in downtown Madison. When it gets warmer in a couple of days I’ll bring my camera and take some pictures to make Grant jealous for you all. This has been my first time working full time in over 7 years. I wasn’t sure […]