Gunman barricaded in home…


I think I found this story on CNN, which linked me to WFTV

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — A gunman was believed to be holding a woman and a small child hostage inside an Orange County home on Thursday afternoon and SWAT team members were on the scene along Signal Hill Road.

Several homes in the area were evacuated and dozens of officers and deputies, including SWAT team members, converged on the street.

Two schools were locked down Thursday afternoon, Rolling Hills Elementary and Rosemont Elementary.

Investigators believe the man barricaded in the home, said to be wearing a light brown shirt and mustard colored shorts, could be connected to an attack on a deputy outside an Orange County Office Depot during an attempted shoplifting arrest. Deputy Gayle Cadiz was hit and injured over the weekend when she approached the man. Deputies say they had gone to the house to talk to the suspect.

Somone inside the home fired a shot at deputies and hit a patrol car but no one was injured.

Why is it important to know what he is wearing if he’s not at large? I don’t know why this struck me as so odd, but it did. I don’t need a fashion report.

This post is totally stupid. Sorry.

4 Responses to “Gunman barricaded in home…”

  1. 1 coffeypot

    Especially if the short a mustard colored.

  2. I like how specific they are “mustard colored”…hmmm would that be yellow???

  3. They should have had Joan Rivers ask the lone, grazed gunman about his clothes.

  4. 4 edP

    Maybe they weretrying to let people know that he was an old school San Diego Padres fan…back when they dressed like McDonald’s employees

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