The pool…


One of Valerie’s posts reminded me of the pool in the trailer park where I grew up.

We lived in this trailer park for most of my childhood. We moved there when I was 6 and moved away when I was 13. It was a pretty nice park, with tennis courts, a basketball court, a playground, a clubhouse and a pool.

The pool started at 4 ft and eventually got as deep as 10 ft. There was a seperate “baby pool” that was always warm…

Most of the action in the pool happened in the 4-5 ft section. All the kids would hang out down there and play “Marco Polo”. We also had this game where we would go underwater, say some words, then come up and see if the other person knew what we said. Of course there was always the breath holding contests, and sometimes we would race across the pool.

Once I was a little better swimmer I taught myself to do a backflip off the edge into the 10 ft section. This was so awesome! There is no way I could do that now.

All the coolest kids did the most awesome thing ever. Dove into the 10 ft. section and touched the drain in the very middle at the very bottom. I did this…

I would do it all the time, until the day that I was coming up and my ears popped, and I came up for air and screamed bloody murder from the pain. Mom took me home and called the doctor who told her to put warm olive oil in my ears. I guess it did the trick, but I never touched the drain again.

3 Responses to “The pool…”

  1. Wow, easy access to a pool? Sounds like heaven.

    I never learned to dive into the pool, frontwards or backwards. You would’ve been too cool for me.

  2. I was never a good swimmer. I would have drowned if I had tried any of that.

  3. 3 Keeli

    OMG!!! I loved that pool! WE WERE SOOOO COOL 🙂 I so don’t remember the backflip…maybe I was just jealous bc I never learned to do one! Lmao! Everything else I totally remember like it was yesterday! Hundreds of hours over the years!!!! Such good times!!! Miss ya honey!

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