Snowing again…



It’s been snowing all day. Most people here in Madison are pretty sick of the snow.

I still kinda like it.

Today is the fluffy, light snow. It just kinda floats around. It’s the neato kind that when it lands on your coat or glove you can see the individual flake and appreciate it’s unique shape. The kind of snow that cut-out snowflakes are inspired by.

It’s not fun to drive in. But I really love the snow. I love how it sparkles in the sun, and when the wind blows it around the air sparkles.

So, I’m still not sick of it yet. And, I hope I’m always able to like it just a little.

I did a search for snowflakes, and found this Make-a-Flake site, if you wanna have a little fun!


4 Responses to “Snowing again…”

  1. Could you send some to Philly? We’ve been in a snow drought this year and it’s making me sad.


  2. I have lots of snow you can have. A pile 8-10 feet high and nearly a 1/4 mile long. If it keeps snowing we are going to run out of room to pile it up, and I’ll have to get snow shoes to walk to work. Or a snowmobile.

  3. That snowflake site is fun!

  4. 4 coffeypot

    Man, it’s as cold as a mother-in-law’s heart down here. And the wind is blowing. Cold, I tell ya. Cold! Not like you have up there, but cold is cold.

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