More Valentine’s Goodness..


So, how does a single Wisconsin girl celebrate Valentine’s day (or, night)? With CHEESE, of course!

I saw a yummy baked Brie recipe on the news the other morning (oh my God, I’m making morning news recipes… is there any hope for me?), and I just had to try it. I’ll share it with you, too.

But, I have some pictures for you.

(don’t worry, I’ll have tons of Capitol pics for you tomorrow morning).

The perfect single girl Valentine’s attire involves rainbow fuzzy slippers and margarita glass pajama pants.


Here is some real Wisconsin cheese (I promise it is). The chick on the news from the Wisconsin Dairy Council (or wherever she was from) said that Brie and Camembert are interchangeable, but I’m not convinced. More on that later…


I’ve decided that the finished product will be served on this incredibly awesome plate…


Here is the cheese, cut in half, and giving Marilyn a whole new look.


Raspberry jam mixture on one eye…. yum.


A wonderful appetizer, complete with Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper served in a fancy glass! I couldn’t possibly be any cooler.


It was pretty good, but not as melty as I thought it would be… more greasy. I think that may be because I used Camembert rather than Brie…

Here is the recipe.

I did think that maybe I would have some pasta and salad, but fuck it. It’s Valentine’s day and I can just eat the damn cheese and crackers if I want to!




6 Responses to “More Valentine’s Goodness..”

  1. 1 superwoman

    We had a fancy valentines day too. We were all sick and just stayed in bed in pj’s and coughed and took medicine all day. Sushiboy says this morning “Happy Valentines day, I think it’s our most glamorous yet”. heeh, we never have bought into the hype of valentines day on the day, we usually go out on another day. Glad you had a great night. We just had homemade heart shaped pizzas.

  2. Not only are you having some delicious cheese, but you’re creating art! I always knew something was missing from that Warhol painting. Big, giant Mary-Kate glasses.

  3. Happy VDay! I love baked Brie. We have a recipe that has brie, brown sugar and walnunts – All wrapped and pastry and baked, its DIVINE, I can post the recipe if you would like. Usually baked brie isn’t too greasy, I’ve never baked camembert but I agree that it is probably the culpit.

  4. OH MY does that look good!!! I wonder what my blood sugar would be if I made some of that?? *sigh*

    Love the picture of your slippers and sleepy pants!!!

  5. oh i like the PJ pants!

  6. Wow, you out-Warholed Andy Warhol.

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