Does it get any better than this?



Last night was a great evening for my kids and I.

Mike (who will be 15 next weekend… holy shit!) had an assignment to interview someone about the JFK assasination. So, I asked my mom if she wouldn’t mind, and of course she didn’t.

I took the boys over to her house, and Mike proceeded to interview her and my aunt. He asked the typical questions… “Where were you when you found out?”… “How did you feel?”… “How did it affect your family?”, etc..

Turns out my mom was skipping school getting her hair done that day. I’m sure he’s going to be the only kid in his class that can say his grandma was skipping school. Mom said that she went straight to school after her hair was done, because it was the type of event where you just wanted to be with other people.

My mom found one of my grandmas old records. It was a recording of some of JFK’s speeches. Mike looked at it and was like “Wow, I’ve never seen or held one of these before.” Shane didn’t realize it was a recording of his speeches, and asked why there was a soundtrack for the JFK assasination. We all cracked up. Then mom told me she had found some of my old records… including a Smurfs album, a Strawberry Shortcake album, and The Bay City Rollers.

We listened to the Smurfs, and continued discussing the JFK assasination. I’m pretty sure that’s the first time that those two things have happened at the same time.

My uncle returned home from some hockey games and took us all out for some ribs at a great, old place called Fat Jacks.

The kids really enjoyed talking to my mom and aunt and hearing about their lives. Mike thinks he has the coolest grandma EVER. I’m so glad they have the opportunity to get to know them 🙂


9 Responses to “Does it get any better than this?”

  1. Sounds like everyone had a great time.

    Enjoy the lovely weather today… When will spring be here?

  2. 2 coffeypot

    I was sitting on a radar scope on my destroyer two days out of Japan when we heard about the assignation. We immediately went to General Quarters (Battle Stations) because we didn’t have details, but had heard the Castro had gotten it done before Kennedy could get him. We were at GQ for about four hours before we were told to stand down, that Cuba (thus Russia) had not done the deed and we were not at war. Whew! It was three years later before I saw the footage of the event.

  3. Wow, that was some album collection you had going there, Amy….

  4. Watching JFK’s funeral on TV is one of my earliest memories. Even then I was a TV addict 🙂 I’m not sure if I watched it live or a replay of it later but its one of the first things I remember

  5. Nobody- I’m starting to wonder the same thing. It’s so icy and snowy… ugh.

    Coffeypot- That’s a unique “where was I” story!

    Dick- I know. That pretty much sums up why I turned out the way I did.

    Mel- My earliest memories involve my grandpa making me toast. Maybe that explains my weight… blah.

  6. Ummm — I have the Bay City Rollers on my iPod. I still love them.

  7. Marni- I’m sure I would have them on my iPod too… but I’m currently without such a device. I was sooooo excited to find that record, though! I used to love their Saturday morning tv show.

  8. Bay city rollers? Dare I guess that a little diddy that goes like: s-a-t-u-r-d-a-y night! was on their? That was a groovy song. I wasn’t alive when JFK was shot, but I enjoyed Coffeypots and your mom’s version of the story. Skipping school is classic 🙂

  9. I just sang “Saturday Night” with my sister and her friends at karaoke the other night. My sis was a Bay City Rollers fanatic, but she is 14 years older than me so I never got super into them. She was in love with Les, and I remember thinking that Eric was cute. I have a tape of me singing some of their songs when I was about 4. It’s pretty damn funny.

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