A Cat Tail… or Tale


Jen asked me recently about getting a Wisconsin version of Bogey. I already started working on that.

When my mom was looking for an apartment for me, she asked if it would be a deal breaker if pets weren’t allowed. I stressed that I really wanted to have a cat again, but ultimately I just needed a decent place to live. My mom was a very busy woman, and work, bad weather and her doing her own move made it difficult to look for apartments for me, but she found this one (which is great). When I filled out the application it was understood that pets were not allowed. Oh well, I thought, I’ll stay here for the year long lease and then find pet friendly housing.

When I went to sign my lease, the chick who went over everything and explained it all to me stopped at the pet clause and explained the pet restrictions. I told her I didn’t have a pet. She said if I ever wanted to get one that my rent would increase and I would also have to pay an additional amount toward my security deposit. This sounded groovy to me! I mentioned wanting a cat. She explained about feline restrictions and said whenever I found one to let them know. I was so excited!

A few weeks ago I found the perfect cat on craigslist. He’s just a few years old, neutered and declawed (restrictions), and FREE. His owner needs to find him a new home because he doesn’t get along with the other cats she has. One day my kids and I went to meet him, and fell in love. We were so excited to bring home a new family member! I was going to bring home “Patches” two weeks later, after I had done all the paperwork and when I would be starting my new job that had better hours.

The next day I called the property management company. I told them I found a cat, and asked what they needed me to do. They told me I live in a “no pet” building.

WHAT??? But when I signed my lease the lady told me I could have a pet! I didn’t even ask, she just volunteered the information.

She’s been fired since then.

I spent all of my time and energy over the next few days trying to make my case about being a responsible pet owner… to please reconsider… that this wasn’t fair, because their representative told me I could have a pet and I wouldn’t have even looked if she didn’t tell me that. No luck… they wouldn’t budge. I asked them to send a letter that I wrote to the owner of the building, but I don’t think they did. They offered me a few different units that they had that did accept pets, but they were either in a different school district or somewhere I couldn’t afford.

My kids took the news just fine (better than I did), and our plan is still to move when our lease is up and then get a cat.

In the mean time I’ve started volunteering with Friends of Ferals… a great organization that deals with feral cats. They trap them, then neuter or spay them, adopting out the ones that can be tame and social, and trying to place feral ones with people that can take care of them (barns, farms, etc…). Sometimes they do just release them back to where they were found, or somewhere else. Saturday I did an adoption fair, and got my kitty fix. One of the kittens got adopted, too… so that was nice! Mostly all the cats were scared. Maybe I’ll get involved with the organization in other ways, but this was a good first step.

So, there is your long ass answer to my kitty problems. I hope these months go quickly and that I have no problem finding a good place that will accept pets!


7 Responses to “A Cat Tail… or Tale”

  1. 1 coffeypot

    My step-daughter, Dr. Amber, finds feral cats all the time. She does the snipping and puts them up for adoption. My cat, Chaplin, was one of her rescue animals. He is my best friend. He lies on the arm of my chair with me, or, if I recline, on my chest. He thinks he’s a dog. He comes to me when I call, he licks my hand and chin, he butts heads with me and he sleeps with his paws on my shoulder at night. Sweet Tea says it’s amazing how that cat took to me. But then, I have always been able to draw pu… well, you know.

  2. I say get a cat anyway, how would they know? That sucks so bad you cant get a cat!!! Is your lease for a year?

  3. Coffeypot- Yes, you perv… I know. Chaplin sounds wonderful!

    Mel- don’t think it didn’t cross my mind. But, if something happened that they did find out, I would be devestated to have to give up another pet. And, this way I can make sure that they can’t say anything bad about me as a tenant when I do find somewhere else to live. My lease is a year. It will be up at the end of November. I’ll be planning and looking for places long before that.

  4. I think you’ve made an excellent decision. You can hang out with kitties, keep in good with the landlord, and find the perfect pet when move. Another benefit is joining an organizagtion where you can give back.

    God, why can’t I ever make decisions like that?

  5. Can’t wait for the new cat pics (in a few months). All the cuteness of a cat, and no sneezing, photos are great.

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