These suck…



Or, perhaps, blow.

But, in fact, they don’t blow, which is one of the reasons they suck.

I’m a Blow Pop lover myself. The cherry ones especially were a staple of my breakfast every morning in high school. Only 10 cents at the PDQ on the way to school.

So, imagine the sheer glee I felt today when I spotted this bag of Blow Pop Minis. “Awesome!” I thought. “I’ll just eat the cherry ones and leave the rest for my kids.”

But, you eat one, and then you have this tiny… un-gum thing in your mouth that isn’t even big enough to chew. So you pop another one in your mouth, and it gets all mixed up with the un-gum, and then you just have a chewy candy, and you forget it’s supposed to also be gum and you swallow it.

I know what you men are thinking… “how can something with so much sucking and blowing and swallowing be bad?” But trust me… they are awful.


6 Responses to “These suck…”

  1. mmmmm sugar…..

  2. 2 Keeli

    I too am a Blow Pop lover!!! I’ll remember not to get those when I see them! Funny how we both ended up with major oral fixations!! LMAO!

  3. 3 coffeypot

    Yeah! I think they are call “cum gum” because they squirt in your mouth. Or am I thinking of some real chewing gum?

  4. I was never a Blow Pop fan. Now I feel like I am out of the loop.

  5. See, this is why you need Tootsie Pops. No false hopes and better tasting, too!

  6. I hate all candy. I’m no fun, really.

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