When it rains it pours…



Oh Lordy. I’m having a very lovely visit from the guy “Murphy”, and his stupid laws… if ya know what I mean.

So me, being the blonde that I am (no offense to other blondes) was pulling out of my garage a few weeks ago, not paying enough attention, and broke the drivers side mirror off. There it dangled, still attached by the cables that made it “power” rather than manual. I looked around online and found a mirror for $50 bucks. I called the dealership and they told me they could install a new one for around $200. Um… let me think… no.

Murphy rears his ugly head… 1. Fast forward to this past week. It was coming down to the wire, because I was going to be taking my son, Mike, to Michigan for Spring Break. He said he would like to take a crack at replacing the mirror. I never did buy the replacement, but we did some brainstorming and got creative and came up with a plan. I now have the ghetto-est looking side mirror ever (until I do finally buy a replacement). It involves duct tape and rope, but it stayed on with no problem the entire way to and from Michigan.

Murphy rears his ugly head… 2. Thursday evening Mike and I returned from buying mirror supplies. He opened my garage door (no, it’s not electric), and I saw him kinda stop and look at it, then continued opening it. He then made his way inside. I pulled my car into the garage, got out and went to close the garage door. It SLAMMED down. I tried opening it…. wasn’t happening. Oh… my… GOD! How am I going to get to work? How am I going to get my car out??? I went inside and told Mike it wouldn’t open. He said he heard a snap when he was opening it. He went down to see if he could open it (because I’m totally weak). He got it open, and upon further inspection discovered that a huge rusty spring was broken.

That’s great. Now not only am I still dealing with the whole buzzer invoice deal (which they’ve offered to pay half of, but I’m still not buying it), but I have to tell my property managers that the garage door is broken now. Which, considering what total assholes they are, will end up being my fault no matter what the problem is (you know it and I know it). UGH! But, at least I got my car out.

Murphy rears his ugly head… 3. As I’m happily driving Mike and I through Chicago on our way to Michigan, my car begins to “buck” and act like it wants to stall, but doesn’t. “We need to pull over… I need gas soon anyway” I say. “I think we should keep going” Mike says. “Um, it’s a much better idea to have my car die at a gas station than in the middle of the freeway in Chicago.” I win. I get gas, and it starts back up again (oh, and the very informative “service engine soon” light has been on). We make it to Michigan.

On Easter Sunday I leave Michigan to return home. Mike is staying for the week. My car is pretty much bucking the entire way home, and will even flash “SERVICE ENGINE SOON” at me from time to time. I plead and bargin with my car to just get me home and I promise I’ll get it in as soon as I can this week!

2 Easter miracles… Jesus was risen, and Amy’s car made it home. I take it in on Tuesday, and I’ve already called the hospital to amputate my limbs so I can pay for it (whatever is wrong with it). But, I’m taking it to a place where my mom has been, and she said they treated her very fairly.

So… anybody have room for Murphy? I’m kicking his ass OUT!


6 Responses to “When it rains it pours…”

  1. nope, we had our turn in February.

  2. My uncle Murphy was here after he was done visiting Superwoman’s place. I kicked his ass out too. He mumbled some shit about Wisconsin, but I just thought that meant he would meet up with me this weekend in Milwaukee.

    I once got suckered out of almost $300 to have the springs replaced on my two garage doors. On the bright side, by watching the guy do it I learned the proper way to figure out which springs to buy at the hardware store. Once you have that information you can get the springs for about $9 a piece.

    Also, the side mirrors usually aren’t terribly hard to replace. The worst part is figuring out how to get the door panel off the inside without breaking it so you can get to the bolts that hold the mirror on. Been there, done that… I once broke the mirror off my beloved GMC Sonoma.

  3. 3 Mel

    NO way gal you can keep him LOL

  4. 4 coffeypot

    Be careful when kicking Murphy’s ass. He is Murphy, you know? You might break your foot.

  5. Sorry to hear that Murphy has been bugging you so much…hopefully he’s had his fill of you and will leave you alone for a very very very very long time.

    Good luck with everything!

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