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I have to move my blog back to Blogger. I’m just not able to be as creative with WordPress… I’m not computer language savvy enough (although I’m very excited I was just able to use “savvy”). So PLEASE, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP come visit me at my new blog! Because I really […]

Sports Princess recently inquired about my absence. I assure you everything is fine, except for maybe my imagination, which would explain the lack of posts. My job is going good. Great, actually! See, my whole class full of trainees was on “audits”, meaning that the super nice people at Quality Assurance had to look at […]

More crying..


As the tears come more and more quickly, rolling down my face and taking my mascara with it (to give me that really sexy goth/panda/raccoon look) I can’t help but wonder… Why the hell did I sign up to bring the damn onions for “Sub day” tomorrow at work??? NEVER AGAIN

Oh Lordy. I’m having a very lovely visit from the guy “Murphy”, and his stupid laws… if ya know what I mean. So me, being the blonde that I am (no offense to other blondes) was pulling out of my garage a few weeks ago, not paying enough attention, and broke the drivers side mirror […]

I haven’t heard back from the property management company. I could’ve called them this week, but the entire week was very mentally exhausting, so I’ll just do it next week. I’ll be sure to let you all know the outcome. In the mean time… SPRING IS FINALLY COMING! Things are melting, and everything looks so […]

about my property management company… if you can call it management. So, you know the story about the cat already. I’m still bitter about that, but whatever. Now they are charging me $99.42 for … nothing. See, the same day that I called about my cat, I also called to tell them that the buzzer […]

So, I started training for my new job 2 weeks ago. I almost couldn’t remember that, because my brain is so jumbled up with stuff I can barely remember my name. It’s all so confusing! Mostly because they just have no real way of training right now. It’s like they decided “lets have a training […]

These suck…


Or, perhaps, blow. But, in fact, they don’t blow, which is one of the reasons they suck. I’m a Blow Pop lover myself. The cherry ones especially were a staple of my breakfast every morning in high school. Only 10 cents at the PDQ on the way to school. So, imagine the sheer glee I […]

Jen asked me recently about getting a Wisconsin version of Bogey. I already started working on that. When my mom was looking for an apartment for me, she asked if it would be a deal breaker if pets weren’t allowed. I stressed that I really wanted to have a cat again, but ultimately I just […]

Last night was a great evening for my kids and I. Mike (who will be 15 next weekend… holy shit!) had an assignment to interview someone about the JFK assasination. So, I asked my mom if she wouldn’t mind, and of course she didn’t. I took the boys over to her house, and Mike proceeded […]