I’ll break this up into a few sections for you.
This first part is my actual morning commute (which, today is the last day of to this office)…

This is Lake Monona. Downtown Madison sits between 2 lakes, the other is Mendota.


Here are some brave souls ice fishing.


These are some penguin things that I don’t understand. There are several of them in a line. Maybe I’ll figure out why they are there one day.


This is my view on one of the streets I drive on… I’m almost to work now! I love this view…


Here are some pictures I took today at lunch..





This is the view from the floor I work on. I’m on the 8th floor.
This first picture is of Lake Monona again. It’s snowing now, so you can barely make out the other side of the lake. It just looks like a big snow covered field.


Out the other side of the building is this view of the Capitol. I liked the reflection 🙂


Happy Friday!


So, how does a single Wisconsin girl celebrate Valentine’s day (or, night)? With CHEESE, of course!

I saw a yummy baked Brie recipe on the news the other morning (oh my God, I’m making morning news recipes… is there any hope for me?), and I just had to try it. I’ll share it with you, too.

But, I have some pictures for you.

(don’t worry, I’ll have tons of Capitol pics for you tomorrow morning).

The perfect single girl Valentine’s attire involves rainbow fuzzy slippers and margarita glass pajama pants.


Here is some real Wisconsin cheese (I promise it is). The chick on the news from the Wisconsin Dairy Council (or wherever she was from) said that Brie and Camembert are interchangeable, but I’m not convinced. More on that later…


I’ve decided that the finished product will be served on this incredibly awesome plate…


Here is the cheese, cut in half, and giving Marilyn a whole new look.


Raspberry jam mixture on one eye…. yum.


A wonderful appetizer, complete with Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper served in a fancy glass! I couldn’t possibly be any cooler.


It was pretty good, but not as melty as I thought it would be… more greasy. I think that may be because I used Camembert rather than Brie…

Here is the recipe.

I did think that maybe I would have some pasta and salad, but fuck it. It’s Valentine’s day and I can just eat the damn cheese and crackers if I want to!



Please imagine “caller”s voice with a Flavr Flav quality to it. Or Flavor Flav…. whatever.

Me: Thank you for calling Blank and Blank (not the actual names of the lawyers, but you get the idea).

Caller: Yes, um, hello ma’am, um, ya know what I’m sayin’? Um, I received a letter, you know what I’m sayin’? From, um, someone saying they could, um, take my case, you know what I’m sayin’?

I don’t honestly remember the rest of the conversation because I was laughing to myself so hard about how desperately this guy wanted me to know what he was sayin’. I laughed out loud to my co-worker afterward about it.

The lawyer was out of the office, and I convinced the guy to leave him a voicemail. I can only imagine how that sounded. And what this guy might be like in the courtroom.

Know what I’m sayin’?


This was last years Valentine. This year I’m heartbroken without Bogey, but I’m sure he still thinks you are the cat’s meow.

I also thought I would share this “Single Girl” Valentine that the talented and hilarious Wendy McClure made a few years ago. I hope she doesn’t mind me posting it, and I’ll certainly remove it if she does.


She made a few more, too. Click here. And here.

I know you’ll all be so happy and relieved to know that I replaced the batteries in my camera, and I will go out at lunch and take some pictures. Today isn’t as pretty as it was yesterday, since it is cloudy and gloomy instead of bright and sunny… but I’ll do my best. And when I get home tonight I will post them here for all to enjoy! Because I can tell you were all just devastated yesterday, and I apologize from the bottom of my heart. You know, since it’s Valentine’s day.

I suck…


So, I said I would take some pictures for you.

I brought my camera today.

It’s beautiful! The sun is shining and everything! I took a walk around the Capitol at lunchtime. It was still pretty cold (15 degrees-ish), but I really needed to be outside and get some sunshine. It was a nice walk.

The batteries in my camera are dead. DEAD dead. Like, I turned the camera on, and the lens opened, and the screen told me to change the batteries, and the lens wouldn’t close again dead.

So, no pictures.

I suck.


It’s been snowing all day. Most people here in Madison are pretty sick of the snow.

I still kinda like it.

Today is the fluffy, light snow. It just kinda floats around. It’s the neato kind that when it lands on your coat or glove you can see the individual flake and appreciate it’s unique shape. The kind of snow that cut-out snowflakes are inspired by.

It’s not fun to drive in. But I really love the snow. I love how it sparkles in the sun, and when the wind blows it around the air sparkles.

So, I’m still not sick of it yet. And, I hope I’m always able to like it just a little.

I did a search for snowflakes, and found this Make-a-Flake site, if you wanna have a little fun!

My last week…


So, this will be my last week at this great office here in downtown Madison. When it gets warmer in a couple of days I’ll bring my camera and take some pictures to make Grant jealous for you all.

This has been my first time working full time in over 7 years. I wasn’t sure how I would feel… if I would miss sitting on my ass at home with nothing much to do.

I don’t.

Before I moved out here I was working part time, which made me feel a little more useful, but not much.

Working full time suits me. I feel useful, and worth something. It makes me feel independent and like I’m a grown up. I like the commute after work, just listening to the radio and winding down from the work day, getting ready for some family or “me” time in the evening. It really feels good.

Monday I start training for my new, permanent job. The hours will be a little different (7-3:40 rather than 8-5), and it’s closer to home. I’ll miss the after work rush hour commute (I know, I must be crazy… but it’s true) a little bit, and I’ll miss coming in to work here in the morning, and seeing the Capitol building everyday… and just the energy that is always here in downtown. But, I’m very excited to be starting at my “real” job. My plan is to totally kick ass and get lots of promotions and be running the company by the end of the year. Or, at least to totally kick ass and maybe get one promotion by the end of the year.

While I like the location and the people at the job I’m at now, the job itself bores me to tears. Answering phones. I feel like I’m a “phone bouncer”. If you’re not on the list, you don’t get in. Telemarketers are the scum of the Earth, and I can tell if you are one (need me to go check the model number on the copier…. whatever). Don’t even try it.

But, when the phones aren’t ringing, I’m putzing around online. And, there’s only so much to do online. I visit all of your blogs, and sometimes comment, and sometimes post on my own. I play various Yahoo games. I check news sites. I spend time on Netflix, updating my queue (like I’m EVER going to see all the movies I’ve chosen).

Occasionally there have been little projects around here that I can help with. For instance, one of our clients had a big tour/meeting thing last week, so I helped him stuff a bunch of folders with information for people that would be attending this tour/meeting. It’s not anything that really requires a lot of mental ability, but at least I wasn’t bored.

Maybe I’ll have more to post later! Have a good week!

I think I found this story on CNN, which linked me to WFTV

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — A gunman was believed to be holding a woman and a small child hostage inside an Orange County home on Thursday afternoon and SWAT team members were on the scene along Signal Hill Road.

Several homes in the area were evacuated and dozens of officers and deputies, including SWAT team members, converged on the street.

Two schools were locked down Thursday afternoon, Rolling Hills Elementary and Rosemont Elementary.

Investigators believe the man barricaded in the home, said to be wearing a light brown shirt and mustard colored shorts, could be connected to an attack on a deputy outside an Orange County Office Depot during an attempted shoplifting arrest. Deputy Gayle Cadiz was hit and injured over the weekend when she approached the man. Deputies say they had gone to the house to talk to the suspect.

Somone inside the home fired a shot at deputies and hit a patrol car but no one was injured.

Why is it important to know what he is wearing if he’s not at large? I don’t know why this struck me as so odd, but it did. I don’t need a fashion report.

This post is totally stupid. Sorry.

The pool…


One of Valerie’s posts reminded me of the pool in the trailer park where I grew up.

We lived in this trailer park for most of my childhood. We moved there when I was 6 and moved away when I was 13. It was a pretty nice park, with tennis courts, a basketball court, a playground, a clubhouse and a pool.

The pool started at 4 ft and eventually got as deep as 10 ft. There was a seperate “baby pool” that was always warm…

Most of the action in the pool happened in the 4-5 ft section. All the kids would hang out down there and play “Marco Polo”. We also had this game where we would go underwater, say some words, then come up and see if the other person knew what we said. Of course there was always the breath holding contests, and sometimes we would race across the pool.

Once I was a little better swimmer I taught myself to do a backflip off the edge into the 10 ft section. This was so awesome! There is no way I could do that now.

All the coolest kids did the most awesome thing ever. Dove into the 10 ft. section and touched the drain in the very middle at the very bottom. I did this…

I would do it all the time, until the day that I was coming up and my ears popped, and I came up for air and screamed bloody murder from the pain. Mom took me home and called the doctor who told her to put warm olive oil in my ears. I guess it did the trick, but I never touched the drain again.

It snowed…


Like, 13 inches. I haven’t seen that much snow in a long time.

The kids didn’t have school, and I was told not to come in to work if that was the case, so yesterday was a snow day 🙂

The snow piled up on my porch, and it was funny to see it hanging off the roof (because it was blowing). The kids couldn’t resist, and had to knock it off the roof. Today they have a 2 hour delay, so they get to shovel it all off.

I left about 15 minutes early this morning for work, but there was really no need… the main roads were pretty clear and traffic was moving fine (well, except maybe for the 800 cars that got trapped on the interstate between here and Illinois, but that doesn’t affect (effect??) my commute).

As I approached downtown Madison it was really foggy because of the lakes. The Capitol building and some surrounding buildings were peeking above the fog, and it looked like it might be the Capitol of heaven or something. It was pretty cool.

I don’t really have much to blog about, but I feel like I haven’t posted in a while, so at least its something!!

Hope you are all having a good week!!