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Yesterday I saw a few things that made me think “I can’t WAIT to post this on my blog (that no one reads…)!!!” I took my son to see “The Shaggy Dog”. Definitely not worth paying the movie price, if you are interested in this at all wait for the DVD (although it was still […]

Driver Must Pay for Putting on MakeupThe roadside camera was supposed to catch speeders. Instead, a British woman is in trouble after she was videotaped with a compact in one hand and a brush or pencil in the other hand while driving on a hazardous road in North Wales. A top North-Wales police official says […]

Holly Hobbie


As a girl I really liked Holly Hobbie. I had a Holly Hobbie coat. I had Holly Hobbie sheets and bedspread. I don’t remember much beyond that. This past Saturday morning I was at the gym and on the Saturday Morning cartoon commercials I saw one for a video of Holly Hobbie and friends or […]