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You can all come out of mourning now. Please, stop sending sympathy cards and flowers. I am alive. You see, there are several reasons for my blogging absence. To be perfectly honest it’s really been more of an internet/computer absence than just a blogging absence, if that makes you feel any better. I haven’t been […]

Fathers Day


For Fathers Day I got Alex a branding iron. So, this evening we had fajitas. When we make fajitas we buy this ready-made carne asada from Trader Joes (it’s delicious) and fry it up in a pan. We don’t have a grill yet. So, Alex thought it would be cool to use the branding iron […]

Some Bogey


He fell asleep like this the other day… in the middle of playing with his little toy. Awwww! mid yawn.

Do you? Huh? Huh????? When it’s 99 degrees outside, and you go out to your car after work, and it’s so hot in your car that when you sit down in it your mascara kind of liquifies and fuses your eyelashes together. THAT is awesome.

I used to love this show. I wonder if it would work today…

Television’s ‘Mr. Wizard’ dies at 89

How does Satan talk to us now? I mean, it used to be that if you played certain records backwards that Satan told all us crazy teenagers to do really evil stuff, ya know? But in this digital age, has Satan been silenced? That reminds me… does anyone else remember that some of the heavy […]

Amy needs to either wake up or start getting some extra will-power. Amy needs to contact her phone service and have her number listed so her adoring public may contact her directly and quit bothering me. Amy needs to get out the monkeysicle and do some tests on him and what not. Amy needs some […]

The very first “bad” thing that I can remember doing is lying. What did I lie about? Well, mostly it was about wetting my pants. I wet my pants on a daily basis when I was very young. I’m sure most of it could be chalked up to laziness, or just not wanting to interrupt […]



Being the mother of teenage boys I’m forced to watch certain shows. Recently my sons have discovered a show called “Scarred” on MTV, or MTV2, or one of those stupid channels that shouldn’t have the letter M in front of them anymore. This is a horrible show. I mean, I guess it could be entertaining […]