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Admit it… you need a Bogey fix. Who am I to deny you? I will only give you a small dose, so that you come back for more. Click on the pictures for a larger image. Stalking his prey… which is probably a tasty string or the elusive jingly ball. You do NOT want to […]


I mean, I’m pretty sure I am anyway, but this helps seal the deal… I was talking to my mom on the phone the other day, and I doodled on one of those missing child fliers that you get in the mail. I gave the girl some much needed red lipstick, and some lovely red […]

Lesson #1– If you want to leave your bedroom door open so the new, cute kitty can come sleep with you, do NOT sleep with your face close to the edge of the bed unless you want some claws all up in your grill. Ouch. And… some more pictures! Aren’t you glad you know another […]

So, I’m sure to most of you this might be a let down. You were probably thinking I was engaged or pregnant or moving or something like that… or, as already suggested, a sex change operation. That is not the case. My big announcement is that… we got a kitty!! Introducing Bogey, the newest cat […]

I’ll either get to that tomorrow or Thursday. I know, I’m such a bitch for making you all wait. I know you all die a little inside when you come to my blog and do not see the announcement. You click and click, on the edge of your seat with anticipation as my blog loads, […]

me looking up at the tree in Union Square… click for larger image So my girlfriends and I decided to do a Secret Santa thing, and yesterday we exchanged gifts (I got an AWESOME set of cocktail glasses and shaker… thanks Angie!) and then took BART over to the city for some shopping and sightseeing. […]

My brother and I thought this was the funniest shit EVER! Clickety click click here to enjoy this timeless masterpiece.



My Christmas wish for all of my readers is that you get better crap than this. And, world peace.

“A full scale, fully functional 2nd Death Star. Or a full scale, fully functional Star Destroyer. Or both” I just don’t have the funds for that. Christmas is ruined. But Christmas is not ruined for my readers, because I’ve been lucky enough to be tagged by The Boob Lady. Yes… THE Boob Lady!! A-Available or […]